September 6, 2011

Better late than never, that's what they say.


I signed up for this account in March of 2011, when I was six months pregnant and full of blogger ambition. 

I thought I'd use this space as a way to chronicle my pregnancy, my daughter's birth, and the happily ever after. I did get my happily ever after (and it RULES, by the way), but not without some bumps in the road first.

I will not say that my pregnancy was sunshine and daisies. By the time I was full-term, I had already been hospitalized five times. FIVE. Each time forecasting induction and the early arrival of my little girl, only to be sent home babyless and still very, uncomfortably pregnant. By the third visit, it was pretty much guaranteed I would leave the hospital in tears. If my baby was coming early, then I wanted her, damnit.

But finally, I had my outside baby. A failed induction and a c-section. Not according to my plan. I am somewhat resentful of my birth experience, but am nevertheless overwhelmed with happiness by the end result. A stressful means to a blissful end. 

My beautiful daughter is my world. She was so worth the nine months, numerous hospital visits, and general panic. When I look at her, I am still struck by awe and disbelief that she is mine. I created her. I guess Daddy helped, but she got to hang out with me for nine months first, so I win. She looks nothing like me and is all her Daddy, but I don't care. She is me and I am her. Is that cliche? Probably.

Peyton is now 12 weeks old. She smiles, laughs, "talks", and rolls over when she feels like it. I'm getting ready to pack up her 0-3 month clothes when it was just yesterday she was in newborn sizes.

This blog was supposed to have started months ago, but better late than never.

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